Investor and Partner

Pechel Industries has been an independent management company, since 2004, leveraging its industrial origins (Agnelli group, Worms & Cie, LVMH/Arnault, Dassault).

Pechel Industries manages four private equity funds (1997, 2004, 2008 and 2016), representing around €400 million of assets under management. Its funds benefited from the support of family industrial groups as well as from French and foreign institutional investors.

Pechel Industries is able to intervene in all sectors throughout the French territory capitalising on the success of its investment model tailored to each opportunity.

The investment team combines industrial, financial, managerial and consulting experiences. The team is tightly knit, experienced and highly responsive in its investment decision-making process.

As a minority or majority shareholder, Pechel Industries supports and assists SMEs presenting high growth potential and willingness to take a new step in their development.

Investment Strategy and Differentiation

Pechel Industries’ strategy is to be the partner of non-listed companies matching the following criteria:

  • Enterprise value: €20-200 million;
  • Investment size: €10-30 million;
  • Investment horizon: around 5 years.

Pechel Industries distinguishes itself through a flexible, but rigorous, approach in selecting its investments, and creativity in their structuring.

Pechel Industries is able to quickly address all entrepreneur funding issues by:

  • Majority and minory stakes;
  • Growth capital;
  • Leveraged operations: LBO, LBI, OBO,…;
  • Transmission;
  • Organic growth financing;
  • External growth support.

Pechel Industries provides almost twenty years’ experience from its wide and professional network of experts and consultants giving the managers’ project its best chances of success.

Pechel Industries is the strategic and financial partner of motivated and talented leaders.