DUBBING BROTHERS renforce son leadership européen grâce à l'acquisition de l'allemand FFS

Dernière mise à jour : 6 nov. 2019

Dubbing Brothers is receiving financial and strategic support from Pechel, IDI and company management for its acquisition of German company Film & Fernseh Synchron (FFS). Through this external growth operation, Dubbing Brothers is positioning itself as the European leader in the field of premium dubbing.

Dubbing Brothers, leader on the French and Italian dubbing market, has been owned since 2016 by co-managers Alexandre and Mathieu Taieb, along with IDI, a listed private equity group, and Pechel, a French private equity fund. Today’s acquisition of Film & Fernseh Synchron (FFS), a German market leader specializing in film and television series dubbing, is a major strategic external growth operation for the Group, consolidating its position as European leader in the field. Boasting fast-growing business in the United States and with 60 studios in five countries currently under its control, Dubbing Brothers has become a worldwide industry leader.

Created in 1989, Dubbing Brothers offers film and television dubbing services, as well as subtitling, audio description, and video laboratory solutions. For many years, top production and distribution companies have placed their trust in the company, as have the main streaming platforms. Under the management of Mathieu and Alexandre Taieb, the Group generated €45 million in sales in 2018.

International development is a key strategic focus for Dubbing Brothers. The acquisition of FFS, which has its own studios in Berlin and Munich, extends Dubbing Brothers’ international presence beyond France, Belgium, Italy and the United States. Thanks to this acquisition, Dubbing Brothers is enhancing its high-value-added offering to better meet the expectations of major international clients looking to guarantee optimal dubbing quality by working with local players. On a consolidated basis, the new Group achieved 2018 sales of more than €63 million.

Rainer Ludwig, current head of FSS, will remain on board with an eye to developing the best possible synergies. Commenting on the operation, he observed: “In Alexandre and Mathieu, we have found partners who will help us continue to offer our clients the benefit of our experience and savoir-faire as part of Dubbing Brothers Group. Together, we will move forward in pursuit of our shared Europe-wide development goals.”

Mathieu and Alexandre Taieb, co-managers of Dubbing Brothers, stated: “We are pleased to welcome FFS and its teams, who are enriching Dubbing Brothers Group with their expertise. We all share the same values and quality standards. This acquisition is a central component of our international development strategy, which aims at putting forward a “one-stop shop” localization solution in French, Italian, German and Spanish. We are eager to continue growing FFS together with Rainer Ludwig, who will now enjoy access to all the proprietary technologies developed by the Group.”

Marco de Alfaro, Partner and member of the Executive Committee of IDI, added: “We are thrilled to share this exciting entrepreneurial adventure with Dubbing Brothers’ management team. Today, high-quality dubbing requires investments in technology and a comprehensive offering. Dubbing Brothers is becoming an indispensable player on the global market, intent on meeting the ever-higher expectations of studios and viewers.” Philippe Renié, Partner at Pechel, concluded: “This operation came about thanks to the persistent joint efforts of Dubbing Brothers management, the shareholders and founding shareholders of FFS, along with IDI and Pechel. It addresses the increasingly pronounced preference among producers of audiovisual content to work with solid international groups leveraging cutting-edge technologies.”