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"We have a responsibility as a shareholder to promote sustainable growth and raise awareness of new environmental, social and governance issues among our investments.""


President and co-founding Partner


Comply with regulations regarding environmental protection, health, safety at work and business practices.

Adhere to the most recognized international and local standards and act consistently.

Do not invest in companies related to tobacco trade, arms trade, pornography, prostitution, gambling, ... These criteria are set out in our Articles of Association.

Remain pragmatic and use ESG actions as drivers to create value.

Encourage and support the ESG initiatives from our portfolio executive officers, from the investment date to the exit date

Communicate our initiatives to our LPs.

Pechel is committed to sustainable development

by being a signatory of the International Climate Initiative, the Principles of Responsible Investment and the France Invest ESG Charter.


PRIs were launched by the United Nations in 2006. This is a voluntary commitment aimed at the financial sector and encourages investors to integrate ESG issues into the management of their portfolios.

They are one of the ways to move towards a generalization of the consideration of non-financial aspects by all financial professions.

international ic

The signatories of IC International are committed to a long-term approach aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the companies in their portfolios and ensuring the sustainability of their performance.

This approach is in line with the recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force on Climaterelated Financial Disclosure).

france invest

The Charter of Investors' Commitments for Growth was introduced in 2008 and updated in February 2014.

Private equity companies, members of France Invest, are invited to countersign this Charter. It identifies and formalizes the issues on which France Invest members have a major influence in disseminating ESG best practices.

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